The Indian Awards 2018

The Indian Awards

We are delighted to present the second Indian Awards, organised by the India Business Group, a leading business advisory consultancy working in the UK / India corridor.

The dinner at the Houses of Parliament will celebrate the evolving UK / India special relationship on many levels, and will recognise key contributions to the relationship through our special awards. We will showcase the outstanding achievements made by people and businesses based in the UK in the categories shown overleaf.

The UK and India relationship has a shared history going back centuries, with strong democracies, connected cultural institutions and the English language. There are currently over 1.5 million people of Indian origin living in the UK and several hundred UK and Indian businesses operating in each country.

The bilateral relationship is expanding rapidly, demonstrated by the recent successful bi-lateral Prime Ministerial visits in both countries. In particular, Prime Minister Theresa May’s Trade Delegation visit to India of November 2016 was the PM’s first major bilateral visit outside Europe and first trade mission as Prime Minister, emphasising the global importance of this partnership.

The modern relationship between the UK and India is at a key juncture. Through The Indian Awards we aim to inspire and encourage the next generation of UK and Indian entrepreneurs, facilitators and bridge builders who will take the bilateral relationship to greater heights.